Renting equipment for the events is easy with Genet. We are a well-known equipment rental service provider for arranging or hosting audio-visual shows and events. Genet is different from others in equipment rental service for two reasons.

  • Top-Quality Equipment: We offer top-quality equipment which is in perfect working conditions. When they are not in use, we schedule their maintenance to keep them in top-notch working conditions.
  • Rental with Installation: After renting equipment, people have to search for installation services separately. At Genet, you can obtain equipment rental service with installation. We make all the setups as per your requirements.


A Trusted Equipment Rental Service

Taking this chance to introduce our Led Screen, Led Curtain, Led Star Cloth and Led Stage Lights, etc. For all forms of events, be it outdoor or indoor, the company has 5 years of experience in the Ghanaian event management industry. Our company specializes in Events Management and selling Led Screens, installation as well as providing repair services.

Affordable Solution

At Genet, we offer affordable equipment rental services. However, affordability does not compromise the quality of the equipment. We offer top-quality equipment that meets the requirements of your event. Additionally, our experts provide seamless installation service. Obtain all these services at an unbelievably low cost.

Wide Ranges of advanced Equipment

We keep our equipment upgraded. For modern event setups, organizers may need cutting-edge equipment. We have arrays of products that will serve your requirements. We constantly monitor the equipment in demand and keep them in our stock to provide seamless equipment rental service.