We deliver an unmatched viewer experience with Genet Services’ industry-leading solution for live streaming and photography at any scale, with no event being an exception ranging from a public event, corporate events, weddings, etc.

Photography and video-shooting are integral things of corporate and private events. We arrange such events with precision for our clients. For photography services, a few things are essential. As a professional event manager, we cover the following things for seamless photography and video streaming experience.

  • Infrastructural Setup: For seamless photography in an event venue, infrastructural support is essential. We make the necessary arrangements to render infrastructural support for seamless photography.
  • Professional Photographers: For excellent photography for your event, you need professional and reliable photographers. We are here to make all the arrangements for professional photographers and video-shooting experts.
  • Video Streaming Solution: We also make arrangements for streaming live and recorded videos. Through videos, you can promote your business event to different groups of audiences in remote locations.


Why Us?

Genet is a professional and reliable service provider. We have years of experience and knowledge in rendering top-quality service to clients. You can trust us for professional video streaming and photography solutions. We are backed with experience and skills to deliver the most satisfactory photography and video streaming services for corporate and private events.